Saturday, August 24, 2019

Autism and inclusive practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Autism and inclusive practice - Essay Example The observation is based on a nine years and four months old child whose code name in this case, for confidentiality reasons, is RA. Child RA suffers from autism and is eligible for a personal or one-on-one support service because he needs assistance with his learning needs. The observations aims at identifying and assessing the child’s behaviour when in a group setting. During the first day of the observation process, the class teacher instructs the pupils to bring out their numeracy writing books. However, RA picks up a pencil then flicks hit and consequently hitting another child. When the teacher calls RA, he replies, â€Å"what?† The reply is rude and as the assistant, I took the initiative to ask him to apologize but he does this without maintaining eye contact with the teacher. When told to apologize in an appropriate manner, he responds properly and says, â€Å"I am sorry miss.† After the apology, RA sits down and a fellow pupil volunteers to give him a numeracy book but he snatches it without eye contact. Upon pointing out the unruly behaviour, RA apologizes. After sitting for a while, RA gets up from his table and when asked what he wants, he says he would like to work in a group with other pupils. The class teacher grants his request by placing him in one of the groups and he promises to work hard while respecting the other members. He then seems contented with the group.

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